About Bafrik

Bafrik is counter-hegemonic hope.

A field of experiments and possibilities, a net of resistance.
How composers from Bahia and Africa think and create?

Traces from here, traces from there. Compositional and cultural traces - how do they relate?

How could we establish a bridge of complicity crossing a lot more than the Atlantic Ocean, subverting a traditional belief that productive dialogues should always happen northwards - reinforcing that old system of merit distribution and history writing.

Have you been to Bahia 'nega'? No? Just go.

Bahia being what it is, and Africa being this amazing collection of peoples and traditions, so

let us not be so sure of the boundaries of composing, the complex bundle connecting culture and creation -

how many distinct things composers can be?
how do they plan to change the world? Or fight to preserve it?
how could we best understand and cherish African
erudition which civilized Bahia and Brasil?
what kind of gestures and sounds do we consider necessary at this point?

- In this field of experiments called Bafrik we look for seeds which prove to be capable of growing and blossoming as if metaphor and reality were the same.

We shall witness something worthwhileÂ… let us scratch this incredible and possibly infinite surface of imagined music and all that comes with it.


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