Choro de Estamira (2009)

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04 Choro de Estamira - Paulo Rios Filho by pauloriosfilho

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Choro de Estamira is a piece composed for the Nieuw Ensemble/BAM  Dialogue Brazilian Composers' Competition which was held in Amsterdam on 2009.

Fortunately, the piece (written for bass cl., mandolim, guitar, perc., solo soprano, vln., vla., cello and cb.) was one of the seven selected for the concert, which took place within the schedule of the Gaudeamus Music Week of that year.

The work was composed inspired in the filme Estamira from Marcos Prado, which is actually a documentary about the painful life of an old lady who works at a disposal garbage in Rio de Janeiro and who suffer of schizofrenia.

While showing step-by-step her health conditions and her history of life, the film offers us the philosophical and profetic discourse of Estamira who see herself as a kind of supernatural entity to whom the mission of revealing the truth was given.

The piece makes use of all this dramatic chain at its expressive content as well as in the text sung. At the intra-musical level, a work of choro from Jacob do Bandolim, which is called Tatibitate, was the source of musical material used to compose Choro de Estamira.

Tatibitate means "stuttering spoken." The choro, which is literally quoted only at the end of the piece serves to build an allusion to both the prolific stuttering of Estamira and the social stuttering of the South of the world, which is also prolific.

In sum, it talks about living in the South, with all the misery and poorness, and it talks about creating art in the South, with all the stuttering, but making it become crative pathways to a particular expression, articulation, and as a way of response to our own reality.


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